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THE REASON is a gripping, true-to-life account of a Midwestern mother who, after the suicide of her 19 year old son, managed to find her way out of the black hole of grief and formulate a plan for recovery. It offers a hand to hold for those who must walk out of the funeral home, and guides them - intimately - along the sequential journey from heartache to healing.

THIS IS A STORY of lessons learned, tools used, and insights gained while navigating the way through grief to hope. One such tool relies on a person's ability to cultivate openness to the presence of their loved ones spirit. The ability to recognized signs and receive messages - both spoken and silent - are gracefully woven together, forming the bigger picture that can bring closure and peace.

GREIVING FAMILIES, who are aching for intimate contact with those they have lost, will find this narrative to be like balm to the soul, offering empathy and comfort. From the depths of anguish, readers will find relief. From the chaos that death imposes, a sense of normalcy will gradually be restored. And from unfathomable heartbreak will emerge - A Reason.